Film Review “Honeycomb Lodge”

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Honeycomb Lodge is brilliantly adapted by the director to portray women’s issues. It’s a shocking revelation of domestic violence & abuse on seven girls who come to live in Honeycomb lodge. It’s release is timed very well with Angelina Jolie’s Global Summit “#TimeToAct” in London. She told Evening Standard ” This sends a big message to those who abuse women. We will come after you.” To understand solitary confinement, gang rape, abuse, sexual violence, film is highly recommended!. As a women, this film was a revelation to understand pain, through sexual violence and abuse. The music is good. However, read the synopsis before seeing the film as the stories are a flashback and can make it hard to follow the story. Otherwise, Good!

Nancy Woods

Comment from Takako Nakasu, Birkbeck Studen “I just would like to drop a line to say, “Thank you so much for the screening last night. it was the very nice film, and it really has the strong voice and impact to the society…… ”
More information:
Film premier at Birkbeck Auditorium on June 9, 2014
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